About Bambini Book Club

Bambini Book Club was born from a love of learning and a passion to create.  We are a book company that strives to inspire readers to go beyond our stories and create their own adventures!


Our Gabby books are now sold in over 400 independent sewing and quilting shops throughout the country! What’s more amazing is that everyday we receive letters, emails and photos from people who have welcomed Gabby and her friends into their hearts and homes.


We recently created our very own fabric line! the Newborn Collection is in shops NOW! Right now we only sell our fabric through one of our retailers. Take a look at our fabric – and then find a retailer near you with our shop locator tool!

Patterns & Projects

With our new fabric collection and pattern booklets, our stories can jump off pages and on to cutting tables. The project-based nature of our stories are meant to help young readers learn new skills, but also to give loved ones the opportunity to share something they can do together!

We also have a few FREE pattern downloads to go along with our first two books. Make sure to get those today!